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Lalo Dent has been offering dental services since 12 years ago.With the passing of the years we've been improving in every field of dentistry to give the best to our patients. We provide all you need to regain the function and aesthetics, in the same time enhancing your smile.We are and always will be updated about the latest treatments and products used to give the very best of services.

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The team at Lalo Dent extend a warm welcome to all our patients. We take pride in the quality of our treatment and seek to make your visits as pleasant as possible and to provide the highest standards in modern dental health care in a relaxed and informative atmosphere. Our patients can expect to receive complete satisfaction with our services including family, cosmetic and implant dentistry. One of our most popular cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening is often used in combination with one of the above treatments as the final touch to a complete smile makeover.

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It is very common to have fear or anxiety when you go to the dentist. Bad experiences in the past can be very difficult to overcome. You are not alone. When patients come to our office for the first time, our friendly staff and cheerful atmosphere will put you at ease. However, if you feel you need extra help, or for those with extremely high levels of fear, we offer anti-anxiety medication in addition to help you relax.

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